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Transforming the 
Learning Experience.- 

Strategic partnership with Qstream


Data shows that even the best classroom and online learning is forgotten within three months. The assumption that if you learn something it is retained and can be recalled is simly false...

Forgetting is a natural physiological occurrence first described as early as 1885 by the German Psychologist Herman Eddinghauss. The forgetting curve describes the dramatic drop-off in knowledge retention over time with studies showing that in as little as 30 days, 79% of knowledge is forgotten. It is simply a matter of how the human brain works...


Developed at Harvard Medical School, the "Qstream platform" addresses this challenge with a patented “spaced education” methodology that promotes learning retention in just three minutes a day. It is a methodology that delivers knowledge in the way the human brain works so that people can learn, retain, recall and apply knowledge in the moment is needed. It is scientifically proven (*) that this methodology can increase nowledge retention from 3 months to 2 years and improves performance. 

In December 2020, FollowApp entered into a strategic partnership with Qstream for the promotion and implementation of the Qstream methodology in Greece, Cyprus, Balkan countries, Turkey and Middle East.

All  claims are supported by relevant studies, do ask us to share (*)

Fast and Easy to Use

The Qstream combines mobile, science and gamification in a solution that is helping today's professionals reinforce their knowledge and skills:

  • As simple as playing a "game" on the phone or tablet in minutes a day

  • Delivered to any mobile device, Qstream platform is easy to use

  • Security and reliability that IT demands, Qstream integrates seamlesly with third party information systems 

Measurable Results

Qstream platform also delivers insights on user's performance to managers, providing actionable intelligence based on trends over time, identifying areas of weak knowledge or differences in learning between teams.


Building knowledge reinforcement into your training plans ensures that at the moment of truth when learners need to apply what they’ve learned,  they can recall knowledge and tap into the behaviors they’ve been taught.


From several studies conducted, it is shown that Qstream achieves:

  • Up to 170% improvement in long-term knowledge retention

  • 93% average learner engagement

  • 17% average proficiency improvement


Participant Experience: Learning in the Daily Flow of Work











Front Line Manager Dashboard: Streamlines Coaching








Making People Better at What They Do Through Behavior Change







Who Can Benefit?

(Applications are broad and not limited to the following proposals)

  • Improve Salesforce Performance
    Support sales reps and managers to improve proficiency that drives performance and meet their targets with Qstream’s proven micro-learning solution.

  • Enhance Product Knowledge
    Each new innovation, service or product update requires employees across multiple departments to quickly become experts, whether it is to sell, service or support.

  • Reassure Compliance and Regulations
    Keeping up to date on compliance and regulatory changes is now a new constant demand while showing proof of continual training, reinforcement and understanding to auditors and regulators is mandatory.

  • Accelerate Process Change
    Responding to constant  market change requires process change. Simply understanding a new process doesn’t translate into daily use. Qstream provides consistency in training processes and measurement behavior change.

  • Smooth Employee's Onboarding
    Employees who are ramped effectively and on boarded continuously perform better, are more engaged and make a faster contribution to organizational goals. Invest in your people from day one and set them up for success with Qstream’s solution. 

  • Assisting Health Care Professionals
    Support HCPs to easily adopt knowledge on new products, studies, guidelines, techniques etc.
    You can also offer them an effective and well-accepted supplement to a live CME course.

  • Improving Teaching Process
    Provide Teachers and Professors with a valid, quick and user friendly assessment method for their students.
    Improve their students’ long term knowledge retention by 170%.

  • Supporting Chronic Patients
    Provide chronic patients education on their disease and assist them on their disease control and self-management education.


Forgetting is a natural physiological occurrence first described as early as 1885 by the German Psychologist Herman Eddinghauss.
Participant Experience: Learning in the Daily Flow of Work
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