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Newsletters &
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What we offer!

Importance of Newsletters and e-Mail Campaigns

COVID-19 transformed rapidly the way we live, we work, we behave.

Maintenance of customer satisfaction and fidelity becomes more challenging than ever.

We can offer you a full support to overcome this with a variety of solutions for e-mail campaign and newsletters.

What we offer?

We offer integrated solutions on newsletters and e-mail campaigns. We can support you on:

  • Content: The toughest task for a newsletter or email campaign is to find content that your customers will be interested in thus to make them open and read your scientific content. We use Artificial Intelligence (a highly innovative approach by using sophisticated software developed by ex-Pharmaceutical Executives for Pharmaceutical Professionals) that allows us to quickly identify key studies and automatically propose content for newsletters or email campaigns.

  • Copywriting: No time to write down the newsletter or email? No issue, we take care of it.

  • Design Template: We propose best in class templates as to catch customers attention.

  • Approval: By giving us access to your approval portal (Veeva/Zinc etc), we can initiate and monitor the approval process.

  • Bulk Sending: When everything is set up and finalized, we can send to your recipients using your email addresses (in full compliance with GDPR).

  • Feedback & Statistics: When process completed, we deliver you a detailed report about opening and reading emails.

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