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Types of Corporate Videos

What is a Corporate Video?
It is the production of a video by a business or organization. The majority of businesses use it to promote and raise awareness of their brand as a whole. However, corporate video can also be used for training your staff, filming live events and even communicating with your team.

Why Corporate Video is important?

Videos allow people to better understand and recall your message. It is proven as best way to educate your customers or target audience in the quickest, most efficient and engaging way.

Videos can spread through social media, newsletters, email campaigns, instant messages (i.e. Viber) as people just like to share good content and make it viral. Commission a quality video that entertains, educates or tells an interesting story and let it spread as wild fire in the internet.


Making videos for social media (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok) is becoming a powerful marketing tool for the corporate world. Corporate videos can be an effective way to showcase brands and demonstrate products.

By using corporate videos you are adding another dimension to your company’s branding; being able to show your customers the personality behind the logo creates a closer connection between you and them.

Types of Corporate Videos?

  • Company Profile: Is an excellent way to introduce your company to HCPs, Patients, Payers and other Stakeholders. By showing pictures of your facilities, a little company history, mission statement and benefits for patients, viewers get a clear idea of the company’s existing purpose.

  • Patient Testimonial: Is an exceptional way to connect with Customers (HCPs, Payers, Patient Associations etc.) by real world  experience. An effective marketing tool as Patient Report Outcomes significantly contribute to the patient-centric profile of a Pharmaceutical industry.

  • Internal Communication: a video to be directed at staff, vendors or clients. An appealing way to explain a company policy, change management or other internal information.

  • Staff /HCP /Patient Training: accelerates target audience learning curve. Allows team members to watch the video over and over again. It’s an excellent way to clarify “how to” steps. Ideal for new team members inclusion and excellent idea to combine it with our "Transforming the Learning Experience" service.

  • Conferences and Seminars: allow customers to watch your presentations from their premises (office, home etc.). The value of these videos; offer content depth that cannot be found elsewhere.

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