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New Ideas and Implement Innovative, On-Demand Projects

Happy to Take Over New Ideas and Implement Innovative, On-Demand Projects.

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Artificial Intelligence for Pharmaceuticals

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, we can distill insight from large texts. Much like a very fast editor it reads and recognizes the key themes and concepts in a text - thousands of pages within seconds (i.e from PubMed). Click below and find out how can this benefit Marketers and Medical professionals.

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Transforming the Learning Experience

The assumption that if you learn something it is retained and can be recalled is simply false. Knowledge reinforcement ensures that when learners need to apply what they’ve learned,  they can recall knowledge and tap into the behaviors they’ve been taught.

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Application's Development (Apps)

Today, Apps enhance a person's life, enjoyment and productivity. Apps are used by companies to streamline production and increase ease of work. We have a variety of solutions to support you.

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Instant Messaging with SMS and/ or Viber

Bulk SMS is another channel of communication with customers complementary to social media campaigns. According to most advertisers and marketing experts, SMS campaigns should be combined with social media as to have optimal results.


Corporate videos

Making videos for social media (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok) is becoming a powerful marketing tool for the corporate world.

Corporate videos can be an effective way to showcase brands and demonstrate products.

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Newsletters & eMail Campaigns

An email / newsletter provides subscribers a level of brand awareness that’s valuable to your business. Maintenance of customer satisfaction and fidelity becomes more challenging than ever. We can offer you a full support to overcome this with a variety of e-mail campaign and newsletters templates.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

People buy from businesses they know and trust! If they don’t know you they can’t trust you. We assist companies to have the suitable on-line presence and take advantage of all digital channels of today

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Websites serve a nearly endless variety of purposes including sites for education, news, recreation, forums, social media, e-commerce and so on. There are no rules dictating the form of a website. That’s why you need an experienced partner to guide you through this.

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