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Some of the latest news on our creative services!

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Nov 2021

Conferences On-Demand

Think of cutting-edge video 
lectures, posters, slides accessible from your office, home or 
anywhere at any time that you 
have time to invest on 
medical education!

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Sep 2021

Qstream Collaboration

FollowApp Expands its Partnership with Qstream, the Global Leader in microLearning Technology.

Data on a Touch Pad

May 2021


How to Simplify the Creation, Update, Localization and Upload of CLM Content for your e-Details


April 2021

Digital Marketing

From KOLs to MOLs and Dr.Google;
Why Pharmas Should Have Digital Presence

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Mar 2021

Qstream Introduction

“Is Repetition the Mother
of All Learning?”

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Feb 2021

Artificial Intelligence

“Knowledge or Belief?
Optimizing the Decision
Making Process”

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