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Artificial Intelligence.-

We distill insight from large texts


Scientific literature is massive, an ocean of studies, with numerous of them being published everyday.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can distill insight from large texts. Much like a very fast editor that reads and recognizes the key themes and concepts in a text - thousands of pages within seconds (i.e from PubMed, Congresses archives etc).

How Does This Apply to a Pharmaceutical Company?

(Applications are quite broad and not limited to the following proposals)


1. Strategy Optimization for a successful market launch
Scientific literature could be massive, with numerous studies being published everyday (i.e. COVID-19). Today we can quickly map the scientific landscape, show what the key concerns and topics of the research are and relate it to the data of a therapeutic area or a given indication.


A Pharmaceutical company can gain insights of what really interests the scientific community and where the challenges of the patients are thus to optimize its Marketing Strategy prior to launch.

2. Re-Branding or re-Positioning of well established / "cash cows" brands
The relative lack of new studies for well established or "cash cow" products, makes it hard for Marketers and Sales people to engage Physicians in a constructive discussion.


We can add value to these brands since we are in position to identify new data from various sources that will help you revitalize your Physicians' interest on your brand. Additionaly you get scientific arguments that can support potential re-Branding or re-Positionning of your products.

3. From "Sales Force" to "Content Force"

COVID-19 pandemic transformed rapidly the way we live, we work, we behave. With Sales Force out of the field, maintenance of clients' satisfaction and fidelity becomes more challenging than ever.


Newsletters, email campaigns and websites for HCPs are a good way to overcome this, but: The most challenging part of creating a "worth-reading" wewsletter or "worth-visiting" website is the "Content". 


Take advantage of the Artificial Intelligence to support you on the "Content" challenge with interesting and relevant scientific content. The use of AI can quickly identify key studies and automatically propose content for outstanding newsletters or websites.

4. Social Media Listenning 

Are we actually saying what we want to say? What do your competitors say about your brand? What is your clients' perception about you? Are you interested in current opinions about your products and services as well as changes to them in real time?


With the use of Artificial Intelligence we can:

  • record attitudes and perceptions of your chosen topics from social media channels and the web.

  • illustrate the information and data in a comprehensible form.

  • identify changes in perception on the topics you have chosen and provide you with trend analyses thanks to our trend scouting.

  • provide you with relevant data on your market environment, customers and competitors

5. Insigthful Advisory Boards (AB)

Advisory Boards are a precious source of knowledge. Regulations may restrict the number of AB that a company can have during a year thus making them even more precious.


In order to maximize your outcomes from a meeing like this, prepare your medical team for an Advisory Board based on the insights generated by Artificial Intelligence. Upfront provided lists of questions and context on key challenges can result to a more valuable meeting for you and your clients / AB participants.

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